Hardeep Sandhu
Consultant Social Worker (Frontline)

I commenced my role in Wolverhampton as a newly qualified social worker however, I had a great deal of pre-qualifying experience that was greatly appreciated when I joined one of the child protection teams.  I can confidently say that Wolverhampton has a true learning culture and they create a safe environment whereby practitioners are supported and confident to work with areas of uncertainty.   I am now a consultant social worker and support the learning of others! I feel privileged to work for Wolverhampton and extremely grateful for the opportunities offered.

Marie Fields
Social Worker (Adoption Support)

After working in the children's social care sector for over a decade I gave serious consideration to where my professional development could be continued. I was drawn to Wolverhampton as within the West Midlands the authority not only has a reputation amongst the regional workforce for being a progressive authority that invests in its staff but uniquely in the region Wolverhampton has a good Ofsted rating. 

I became a social worker to work with children and young people at risk of harm or needing support and if Ofsted and colleagues are correct there no better place in the West Midlands than Wolverhampton to practice my profession effectively. 

Rebecca Workman
Social Worker (Court Team)

Throughout my time within Wolverhampton, I have realised that everyone here genuinely strives to achieve the best outcomes for our families and are supported to do so by managers.

This includes being given manageable workloads that enable us to have the time to undertake good work with families to achieve positive changes.

It is a privilege to work with our children, young people and families and, for those who are either not in social work, or are looking to get back into the profession, I would urge them to come and work with us here in Wolverhampton.

Sonia Mahay
Service Manager (Children and Young People in Care Service)

Since joining Wolverhampton, I have been supported to grow and develop my practice and have really benefited from having a supportive leadership team.  I am proud to work for Wolverhampton and be a part of a learning organisation, I work in an environment where the children and families we work with are at the centre of decision making.

Nicholas Aston
Social Worker (Mental Health Team)

As a newly qualified social worker, I found the ASYE programme and my team support extremely helpful, taking the step from student to professional.

The ASYE programme delivered by the City of Wolverhampton Council was clearly planned and I received an overview for the programme and training dates for my diary at initial ASYE events. The initial events gave me an overview of my first year as a newly qualified social worker and describing the trajectory of ASYE learning through dedicated training days/events.

As an ASYE, I had access to an identified point of contact in regards to the programme which made accessing any information easily and swift. The ASYE cohort comprised of adult and children’s social workers and the program was designed to ensure that I, as an adult social worker, received specific training, appropriate to my role. The events also included briefings around how to compile and compete my portfolio, helping me identify what evidence I was required to collect and how best to present it.

Working in the mental health social worker team in Wolverhampton, post qualifying and as an ASYE, I was well supported by my team supervisor through regular supervision where I would reflect upon my work and discuss my portfolio.  My supervisor ensured that I was having exposure to work that ensured my development in regards to evidencing my development in completing the ASYE portfolio including forensic, safeguarding and mental health act experience. My colleagues were very helpful in offering co-working opportunities to support my development and were of the upmost help due to their understanding of my protected caseload in a pressured, busy office.


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